Welcome to Horizons 101 Condominiums Cebu City, Philipines

This is an online platform where you can interact with other residents, exchange feedback, and receive timely news on our facilities, activities, and offerings. Whether you are a prospective buyer, a tenant, or an owner, you will benefit from this website as a source of information and communication. Later, you will have access to our by-laws, rules, and policies, as well as contact with our management and staff. 

Join us today and be part of the Horizon 101 Cebu City Community Group!


This online platform currently still being develeped to better serve our Community Group. 

In the meantime, we have put together a Petition in relation to the Noise Hazards, which has been affecting our Residants in Tower 2, which all residents have been exposed to Loud Music Noise in the last few years.

Please support us by signing the petition below.